Mistake # 9 If You Are a Victim of a Car Crash - Failing to Take Photographs of Your Visible Injuries

Car accident victims in Illinois make a mistake that is simple to avoid.  Taking pictures of visible injuries.  We have all heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words.  When it comes to getting you the most compensation and benefits, its no different.

One of the most common mistakes car accident victims make is failing to record, in photographic form, injuries that are noticeable.  Visible bruises, cuts, abrasions and other injuries are typical visible injuries suffered by victims of a motorcycle, trucking, car or pedestrian accidents.  In many instances, injuries heal without evidence of their existence.  When this happens, the insurance company will not fully appreciate the extent of an accident victim's injuries and may offer less money to settle the case.  
If you prefer, our firm can have your injuries photographed by our private investigator or one of our paralegals.  Hall, Rustom & Fritz provides these services free of charge to our clients.  We do this…

Mistake # 8 If You Are a Victim of a Car Crash - Depositing an Insurance Check or Signing a Release Before Having a Lawyer Review It

Accident victims often deposit insurance checks or sign an insurance release thinking they are just giving their approval to have their vehicle repaired or replaced.  Unfortunately, cashing / depositing an insurance check or signing a release of liability for property damage can prevent or limit how much money you receive for your injury claim.  Money for items such as medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering can be limited in this situation.

Not having an experienced lawyer review an insurance check or release before you sign it can prevent you from making an injury claim for more money.  Be smart about the way you handle it.  Have a trusted lawyer review any insurance check or release before you sign it.

Call us before you make a similar mistake.  Our lawyers will advice you during our free consultation.

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Mistake # 7 If You Are a Victim of a Car Crash - Take Your Car to a Pre-Approved Body Shop for Repairs

When your car has been damaged in an accident, the insurance company of the person who hit you may suggest you take your car to a pre-approved garage.  Don't do it!  Taking your car to their pre-approved garage is a mistake.

Here's what could happen:

The actual damage to your car may be $1,500.  However, the insurance company may pressure the garage to fix your car for under $1,000.  Because the garage gets much of its business from the insurance company, it agrees to do the repairs for less than $1,000.  the insurance company then argues that because there was less than $1,000 in damage to your car, the impact probably wasn't sever and you could not have been hurt in the accident.

An experienced lawyer is aware of this technique and will give you specific advice on how you can avoid this danger.  Best of all, our law firm does not charge anything for advice or any work we do to help you get your car fixed or salvage paid, if you car is totaled.

Call us before you take you…

Mistake # 6 If You Are a Victim of a Car Crash - Not Taking Photographs of Your Damaged Vehicle

Take photographs of your car following a car crash. Very important! Photographs show the severity of accident's impact and will prevent the insurance company from claiming that you were not hurt.

The worse the damage looks, the better your chances of convincing the insurance company that you sustained injuries.

Here's an example of how photos can help your case:

When an older model car is totaled and cannot be fixed, the insurance company may argue that the car was basic transportation and offer less than $1,000 as payment for the totaled car.

Accident victims who accept this settlement and do not take photographs of their damaged car have just made a serious mistake. The insurance company can then argue that because there was less than $1,000 in damage, this was a low speed accident and you could not have been hurt. 
In situations like these, insurance companies often offer less than the medical bills or nothing at all.

Photos of your vehicle can help prove that the accid…

Mistake # 5 If You Are a Victim of a Car Crash - Failing to Get Treatment Due to a Lack of Health Insurance

Go to a doctor or hospital IMMEDIATELY upon suffering a personal injury.

Sometimes car crash victims do not get medical treatment. They're afraid that, if they don't have health insurance or a medical plan, they can't receive health care attention.

But that's wrong!

You can see a medical professional even if you don't have health insurance. In most cases, you should not have to pay for any treatment up front. 
WARNING: Not getting treatment could destroy any chance you have of getting a settlement.

If you don't have medical insurance, get the advice of an experienced lawyer. Attorneys at Hall. Rustom & Fritz will discuss with you how to get the needed medical treatment without any up front cost to you.

Remember, medical records will help prove the severity of your injuries and help determine the amount of money you will receive. If you don't get medical treatment, you probably will not receive a settlement.

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Two Car Crash Results in Death - Peoria Injury Lawyer Blog

A two vehicle car crash resulted in the death of Frank W. Palm, 63, of Niota, Illinois.

On April 28, 2014, Palm drove his 1986 Chevrolet pickup truck westbound on Illinois Route 9/96 near County Road 1120 East. Amber R. Armitage, 33, was driving eastbound on the same road about 11:10 a.m.

Palm attempted to take a left turn in front of Armitage, and the left turn caused a head on collision.

The collision caused major life threatening to Armitage, who was flown by life flight to Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois, and led to Palm's death.

In cases like this, where major injuries or deaths result from the negligent use of a motor vehicle, it serves as an example of how important careful driving is to your own and other's safety.

Here, an accident reconstruction expert will likely conclude that Palm committed improper lane usage when turning left into oncoming traffic.

Despite Palm's death, Armitage most likely has a case against Palm's estate for payment of medical …